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About Us

Founded in September 1994 as a women's choir, Amaryllis has recently brought together a men's choir to broaden the scope of the music they perform. Indeed the tenors and bass singers add a rich dimension to the choral sound along with a warm sense of humour and laughter throughout rehearsals and beyond.

We believe that music is essential to the human spirit, promoting joy, fellowship and a sense of community. To that end, we strive to present the highest standards of artistry in the music we perform, which ranges from sublime sacred classical music to decidedly energetic secular music, such as madrigals.

Although Amaryllis is based in Vankleek Hill, members come from both Ontario and Québec. We invite you to join us, either by lifting your voice as a member of the choir or by attending and supporting our concerts.

Choir Director Uwe Lieflander

Maestro Lieflander is a multi-talented musician, composer and teacher. Born in Germany, he trained at the acclaimed Regensberg Academy of Church Music before coming to Canada at age 17 and continuing his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music at the University of Toronto and at York University, Toronto.

In addition to directing the Amaryllis Choir, he is professor and Head of the Music Department at our Lady of Wisdom Academy in Barry's Bay and music director of both the Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Ottawa and founder and director of the Sacred Music Society.

Among his many achievements, Uwe is the founder and director of the Sparrows Children's Choir School Program which has over one hundred and fifty children ages 3 to 16 and young people 17 and 18 years of age. The maestro is rightfully proud of the fact that at least one half of the Sparrows population is male! One of his proudest moments was conducting the 500 member World Youth Day Choir for his Holiness John Paul 11 in Toronto in 2002, in front of a one billion worldwide television audience.

Our director is very energetic, conducting rehearsals with an undying passion for beautiful music, a huge enthusiasm for teaching and an indefatigable joie de vivre!

Thank You Friends and Family

Thank you to our families who put up with rushed dinners, absences for rehearsals and the odd wrong note when we practise. And thank you to our friends who listen to our concerts and our enthusiastic "choir" talk.

Most of all, thank you to our choir mates who support, encourage and correct us as we work towards that rare shimmer that signals perfection in blended voices.